Advantages and disadvantages of travel take the airplane or train

With the people economy was increase of China, the number of people who like travel take the  airplane  And some people like travel by the train .There have been two quite different views on this phenomenon.

There are many advantages about travel take the airplane.  There many people want to have more freedom of their own and they can enjoy  some good services . Sometimes take the airplane is very convenience ,people don’t speed a lot of times on the way.

But from the other perspective , there are a lot of people think travel take the airplane with some disadvantages . Airplane bring a large volume of poisonous will be given off and lead to harm the health of people, that’s serious environmental pollution. So there are many people prefer travel by the train . people think by the train can protect the environment .By the way , they can enjoy some graceful scenery and to relax themselves.

In my view,take the airplane have many  disadvantages but  it also bring strong benefits .but i don’t want  earth will be destruction in the 2012 Therefore I am against developing airplane.

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Difference between the London and China

Nowadays,there are a lot countries develop is very fast in the world ,and they also keeping  traditional cultures for themselfs.

England is very famous city in all over the world,and London is capital city of England . The England has its own unique style , ancient is the most famous in the world .The London to  create a large image on the build .

China is very old ,in contrasr ,China is slightly less popular than London and more big than England. But China has the lagest in area and the imperial palace.Also China has the longest great wall in the world. whereas ,China is industry country  there less nature environmen .Compared to other countrise ,life in China is possibly less relax.China is more  traditional than England ,England is more interested than China .However in  the China many young people don’t prefer follow any traditional things and this is quite similar to English.

Overall, there are many countries is more better than China, but i also love China ,because im Chinese!

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People eating breakfast bar chart phenomenon analysis

The graph shows date regarding people’s breakfast eating habits whit young people and old people eating breakfast analysis.

First of all we can see in ages between 12 and 18 that 27% of teenagers eat breakfast everyday ,with only 5% adults eat  breakfast everyday.The number of teenagers eat breakfast is twice times as much as middle age person.The  number of old person is similar to middle person .There is no upward trend Actually, there is a downward trend as people who get older and older eat more breakfasts. In the terms of teenage we can see opposite trend,it increased in all the ages.From the other perspective ,there are not teenager no time  ate breakfast,the percentage of middle age person is sightly similar than that of teenage.

To sum up ,the bar chart show the general trend in people eat breakfast .



Nowadays ,there are a lot of people think  eat breakfast is not important for people’s life .But some people think breakfast is very important for people’s healthy.

With people economy higher and higher there are a lot of people interesting in earns a lot of many and no time eat breakfast lends to stomach disease and malnutrition.

For my part ,eat breakfast is very important for us ,if you do not have healthy body ,you will can not do anything.

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myself~~~~~a little mood

13 hours flight,i was been here…………London

London is very famous city in all over the word ,there are many charming buildings .With brilliant lights blazing everywhere at night ,the city looked most magnificent!

Big Ben it’s very fascinating and with ancient aroma,look like very very spectacular ! Queen palace it’s so grandeur but it doesn’t flaunt!

Although everything is fine but i can’t finding out right feels .I miss my Dad  my grandparents and my close friends very very much .Maybe i need some times …………

I can’t speak English very well and  don’t have good communicate , so i’m very sad . I don’t have enough confident talking to English guys .because if i wrong ,someone laughing to me,i’m worry for that ! When i can out of the woods i don’t know……….

In fact ,i have dream !I hide the dream deep in my  one’s heart…..I want to be movie star ,When some people asked me about my dream i don’t have confident told to her .Because im not beautiful and i don’t have good figure  ,i afraid told everyone!At once time, my successful of lost weight ,i don’t ate everything  ,i’m very thin but i am ill from want of lost weight !My dad very angry ,than i eat lunch everyday lead to me fat now!  So if the person asked me about dream my answered them i want to be designer ,i’m interested for that,but this dream is second one!

There are a lot of people do the best one can successfully achieve an end ,but all this can’t be achieved budget !

my grandfather told me don’t comparing with the other people ,don‘t proud if you getting great score and don’t fray with friends in UK!Don’t disguise myself using luxury it’s stupid behavior !I love my grandfather very very much ,no matter when no matter where !

I don’t know why came to UK!Maybe i want has a good future !

Spend 13 hours “`i came here ,everything is different everything is changed !!!!!


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About me

my name is Yise Ma , i’m 20years old , i’m from Shenyang China!

I like shopping and window shopping .My aways speend many cost of living for shopping. When i saw a lot of fashion clothes i’m very exciting ,i’m enjoy it!!!

And i like Korea very much . I don’t know why ,maybe it is feel very different and fascinating !When i saw korean i’m very exciting, sometimes my friends asked me ,what’s happen ,i told them i saw korean,my friends unhappy~~~I want to marry with korean man  hahahaha!

And my love fashion very much , i want to be top designer but my parent want to become business women ,im not happy….. I think this job is very  very  very  boring , i don’t have any intrested for that!



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my passion

I love violin very much……because when i play it look like elegant . I interested violin begin 14years old .I studyed begin 16 years old . wo years i lost it when i 18years old.Because my hands hurt!!It’s terrible!

I favourite musician is Mozart ! he loves music very much from his childhood and has talent for that~~~~

I want to become musician but i think this dream doesn’t ture !

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I love  fashion    I want to become designer

you can see many top designers like chanel.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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